Let It Go, Robin
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Shelter Group II

"Maybe we should start by gathering wood in the jungle?" Aqualad suggested before he took a look around the small group he’d been assigned. He knew Terra and Red X (With any help from the Gods he wouldn’t be too big of a hassle), but he didn’t know the third face.

Introductions were probably important before this group did anything together. “Hi,” he started, facing the new girl, “I’m Aqualad, nice to meet you.”

Just Kidding | Closed


"No," the ginger chuckled, "But it wouldn’t hurt to look inside for once. Appearances can be-" she pulled out a couple burgers from the bag, tossing one to the Atlantean, "- deceiving.” Roi had gone out of her way to the fish market for a bag, just for this moment. And it had been so worth it.

She began chowing down on her burger, asking between bites, “So what were you doing anyway? You’ve been in your room all day, man.” The archer was bored, and looking for any form of entertainment.

Aqualad couldn’t mask the surprise on his face as he caught the burger. Normally Speedy liked to do anything she could to get under the Atlantean’s skin. “Awh look at you, being a thoughtful teammate for once,” he teased.

"Bee asked me to do some of the case files while she was on patrol," he answered as he unwrapped his burger. "Have you been home the whole day?" Garth had no idea seeing as he hadn’t left his room since breakfast.


She froze. His hands brushed against her skin as he pulled her shirt up. She lifted her arms up, breaking away from the kiss with a small gasp, and shook her her hair from her face once Garth pulled the shirt over her head. Eyes wide, she hesitated. Her hands rested on his shoulders, smoothing her fingers over the bare, pale skin. 

"Uh—" She chuckled, a sheepish, wavering on shy sound. Biting her lip, she resisted the urge to cover her chest. "I…Where did—" She cleared her throat and squirmed, eyes flitting down. Only she caught sight of his bare stomach and a blush rose on her cheeks. She looked back up at his face. "Not complaining—totally not—but where did that come from?" 

"What?" He smirked, placing his hands on her hips, "Are you the only one who’s allowed to do that?" Terra took his shirt off almost every single time they kissed, and he never reciprocated. It may not have taken him as long as it did to do so had what happened that summer never taken place, but it happened and it kind of deterred the Atlantean. But not anymore. Now he was ready.

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Just Kidding | Closed


"Hey, Garth! I brought dinner!" The red-haired titan called through the almost empty tower. Everyone else was out on patrol or personal matters. She plopped a take-out bag labeled "Seaman’s Best" on the counter, holding a straight face while she waited for the Atlantean to arrive.

The first thing Garth thought when he heard Roi’s announcement: Thank the gods. He’d been in his room practically all day doing paperwork for the team and had forgotten to eat lunch, so he was starving.  

As he walked out of the room and into the kitchen, he began to ask his teammate what she had brought, only to stop mid sentence. “Does buying me seafood never get old to you?”

Anonymous wondered,

Well, what size is "it"?

What is “it”?

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Anonymous wondered,

My mom always bugs me about my hair, even though I wash it often. How often do you wash your hair(with shampoo)? How do you make yours all shiny?

I wash it every two days, because if you wash it every day it dries it out. And the shine is from conditioner.

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Pocahontas AU | @aqualad-garth


"Who cares if you don’t know me- you ruined my hunt so you have to help me find a meal," he explained, as if that was enough justification. "That’s all you need to know." Roy continued to lead the other boy further and further into the forest until they reached a shallow stream. He released his tight grasp on the boy’s arm and gestured to the bubbling water. "So… Any good at fishing?"

If he hadn’t been wearing nice shoes, Garth would have dragged his feet as he was forced to follow the red head through the woods. Be it as he was, he was forced to pick his feel up and follow willingly- he wasn’t about to ruin those boots.

"Uh, no," he responded, after they’d stopped, rubbing the area of his arm that had just been squashed by the other. It wasn’t as if he was let out of the palace enough to learn how to. Speaking of the palace, who did this kid think he was, manhandling the Prince? "Do you even know who I am?” Garth asked. Oops, that came off a little arrogant, but at this point he didn’t really care.


The new TTG preview made me want to draw Aqualad (my bby ;w;) I missed drawing Roy and Karen too. I missed titans east in general.

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the outlaw


What kind of prince—her nose scrunched up. Wiping the expression from her face, she offered a smile and slid off his bed. She smoothed the fabric of her skirts, already thinking up different ways to sneak into the castle—away from anywhere the prince might set foot in. 

She grinned sheepishly and rubbed her arm. “Right. Sorry about that.” Taking a step towards the secret entrance, she gnawed on the inside of her cheek. But she stopped in front of it and turned around, eyebrows furrowed. 

"Can I ask a question, though?" She tilted her head to the side. "Obviously you don’t have to answer but—" Years isolated from anyone outside her family’s castle taught her one thing: boredom. From her travels she garnered that many monarchs lived the same way until they inherited the kingdoms. "Don’t you get bored stuck here all the time? No offense, but it seems a bit boring here." 

When Tara turned away to walk out the door, Garth turned the opposite way, towards his dresser, so that he would be able to begin a more thorough search of his room to assure himself that this girl didn’t steal anything.

When she spoke, he turned towards her once more. “Bored?” he asked, “Of course I do. Why do you think I have the secret exit?” There were many secret passages in and out of the castle, but this one was all his own, not even his parents knew about it. Every once and a while he would sneak out wearing his cloak so that the locals couldn’t recognize him under the hood. He had to go to little seedy bars mostly, and could never risk leaving the kingdom- one of the guards would surely identify him- but at least it was something.

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Would you mind if you had an new aquatic teammate? Not a replacement, just adding to the team and by aquatic, I mean he/she ISN'T atlantean.

I wouldn’t mind. I think it would be nice to have someone similar to me around here.

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